[HIATUS/WIP at the moment]: TF2 on Source 2

So me and some friends had some ideas and fun stuff when the HLA tools first came out and during lockdown, i crammed in some TF2 assets and characters a friend of mine ported in to experiment with and looks decent enough for a S&Box port but will take a long time to do. glad to met people and friends who were on board the idea to have a better tf2 experience of custom content and map making with hammer source 2, the workflow would be much better for map creation

the workflow for animation commands in Modeldoc shows how easy it is to create timed animation for playermodels also, such as the “ACT_” activity commands


Heavy is spy :blush:

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I’m already getting so excited about all the projects people are coming up with. GoodWork!

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thx, i,ll be showcasing my other stuff since this ones on hiatus cuz of timing with stuff at home and doing my other mod

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Pretty cool so far, it’ll definitely be fun to mess around with TF2 content on S&box in the form of gamemodes, entities, etc.

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follow up post ahoy!

So me and a few people have been doing some further stuff if TF2 was on source 2 and its benefits, which are positive quality of life step-up’s than of source 1’s horrible source code for tf2
with html/css code in s&box, we would have TF2 HUD and the loadout menu for Spy and engi running on html/css web based code, far better than the state of vgui2

as seen here in an example in HLA, have your HUDs or ui placed anywhere onscreen, but lets see later how it would work in S&Box

Mvm robots ai powered by Animgraph

the workflow of getting Mvm mode would be easy but advanced for modders/content creators, a start state for idle and then having active animation sequences. is incredibly fun to poke around with in the toolset in hla

shoutout to my friend @OMGplays and some thoughts with @KAYA or getting some mvm robots and other stuff up and running, good help.
love to hear what you guys wanna say, honestly TF2 has alot of good potiential in source 2, but let in other gamemodes/mods/games in as this is just an experiment

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