Hidamari Sketch

I have been watching Hidamari Sketch for a while and really loved it to the point that i am making a map.
As far as now i have created a map that has the apartment and school.
Although the school was created as much as i was able to see in the show(meaning interior), its pretty good.

Before anyone asks, I will not be releasing the map in garrysmod.org, because I want to at least know that the work i put into this map is appreciated by
hopefully actual fans of the show so the link will be posted in the thread if enough people ask

I will also be posting images in an hour or so. Other then that, I hope you love this map as much as I do :dance:

So do you have any content or…?

by content do u mean models like chairs or tables or charcters…

Why didn’t you just wait another hour, when you actually had screenshots, to make a thread?

Yes I agree, I should have but too late for that now.
Anyways here are the pictures

That’s not actually too bad. There are a lot of mistakes (brush-based furniture often looks bad, the lights have no sources and are all bland and white, badly made roof and some bad-looking textures) but it’s a good start and I’m sure it will shape up nicely.

yeah, I am stealing textures from the show itself so the roof should look better
and as for the furniture I guess modeling them would be better but i haven’t had any success on compiling models

also if you have any lighting tips to make it look better instead of bland and white, I’ll gladly take it.:downs:

Very good effort so far! I love HS and I’m sure, if you work hard on it, this map will turn out splendidly.

I was surprised at how it looks. Pretty good so far in terms of brush work, but the lighting and textures and stuff makes it look like a bad 2006 TTT map.

OK I change tried some new lighting so here it is

I was also able to finally get the sun

Hopefully its no longer bland and much more whetted

P.S. Don’t be afraid to :eng101:criticize, it helps me

Although it’s not the greatest map, you’re still working on it and it looks pretty decent, you finally fixed the lighting, that’s good.

Pretty cool too, most of the time any anime threads end up in a shitstorm.

Wouldn’t that grass look better with displacements? And that house, the lights are white. Few lights are purely white, make them slightly tinted yellow or maybe blue.

OK first, thank you for the advice TCB I placed some displacements on the grass, and I think it looks good for a first attempt.

I also changed the lighting inside the apartments to a tinted yellow and also made the bathrooms have each unique color of lighting based on the
characters. Please correct me if I am wrong or if anyone thinks that there is a better lighting scheme

Yuno’s BathRoom

Miya’s BathRoom

Nazuna’s BathRoom

Nori’s BathRoom

Sae’s BathRoom

Hiro’s BathRoom

A…are those brush based lights?

Yes they are like i said i would like to make my own models but i am having trouble compiling, but I might just find and get HL2 prefabs for light source since its not that much of a big deal

Well that would explain the trouble compiling…

OK here it is, No More Brush Based Light Sources. Hope it makes some people happy:smile:

I also got tired of the brush based door so I went and learned how to make a Prop_Door and this is how it turned out

Compare that to the doors above and give me your opinion.

Rooms rarely look like that in real life, with pure block coloured walls. The light in the green room needs to be further from the source and the model needs to be using the “on” skin. You also have some weird ceiling shadows in the first pic and you don’t seem to have a style going; all the walls are TF2-ish and quite plain, but the props and flooring are gritty HL2 textures.

Well first, this is a map based on an anime, and in the anime the walls did not have any details; it was just a plain solid white wall. So yes my map will look cartoon-ish/TF2-ish because that’s what I’m aiming for.
Second the floor won’t be the gritty HL2 texture because i will be using the floor pattern from the show, ergo it will look cartoon-ish also.

Doesn’t matter. Look at the Ed Edd n Eddy map, it looks cartoony but it still looks good. The colours are complimented by the lighting. Yours, however, are badly lit, which makes the colours of the walls and ceiling look unimmersive.

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sounds like a shit show then