Hidan Model

I would love if someone in the community of modelers could make me an Hidan Model.

Here are some pics of him.

Facing Front


Arms extended


Head and chest front

Jumping with arms extended/showing legs&feet

Mostly Just to show how lower part looks like: Feet/legs (The color on the feet is not the real one, it should be skin color)

Your free to help me with this if you want :slight_smile: Thank you and sorry for the poor quality of some pics… it was hard to find any good pic of him.

BTW if you ask, I am not a huge fan of Naruto, but Hidan’s psycho attitude make him worthy of having his own rag doll.

(1) yes you are

(2) not it doesn’t otherwise people would be asking for every character from every game and this forum would be overflowing with request for genric soliders in power-amour

Everybody in Naruto, no anime, is a psycho.

Naa, Im not, else i would have asked for a lot of models of the Anime, instead Im just asking for one.

I don’t think so, must are pussies and crybabies lol just a couple are true psychos :slight_smile:

Anyway… Someone willing to help me? (A)

:expressionless: bump!

C’mmon! there most be someone! At least if you know someone that can help me, please do so :slight_smile:
Any kind of help its accepted

Last bump I am making on this thread… Anyone could tell me any other place or a person, that help me with this model?

people at this forum generally tend to dislike anime so you’re better off at gamefaqs or something

The akatsuki…are pretty much the ONLY part of naruto I still enjoy…For the most part I hate the little whiney bastard and his friends…except kakashi.

anime models look crap on source, and people here hate anime.

I’m currently working with a friend who makes anime models for gmod to make Naruto Models. we are doing Itachi first. and a Map of the valley of the end. Then we are going to work on the shippuden characters. Hidan will probably get done but wont be a top character to make.

I can wait of course :slight_smile: thank you!
Obviously i wouldn’t get mad if you could hurry Hidan’s Model xD Try to stay in touch with me, so i get to know when you are releasing them.

Haha same here ^^ Naruto & Co. waste half of their lives crying and sobbing while Akatsuki just gives them reasons to do so.

There are a few Anime models going around Source games, you are right that some look awful, but some are quite good, it mostly depends on the person that does them.

[quote=“Santz, post:11, topic:11442”]

I can wait of course :slight_smile: thank you!
Obviously i wouldn’t get mad if you could hurry Hidan’s Model xD Try to stay in touch with me, so i get to know when you are releasing them.

i sent you a PM with my msn so i didnt have to post it on here. my partner is currently finishing up on another project and then we will start the naruto project. i had to rebuy gmod so im waiting to get SDK back to start mapping.

this doesn’t look crap does it?


you’re gonna have to wait slightly longr. still waiting a few days before i get Gmod and SDK. And my partner hasn’t been online for a while and i’m not sure whats happening. He’s probably on holiday/ vacation or sumthin. Be patient and i’ll update you when something gets done. but i’ll make my own thread or sumthin.

Need support. so anybody who wants to help and actually has some skills. we can use you.


If you’re friend is gonna do this right, he needs to do all of them.
Including my personal favorite, Pein, the fearless leader of the akatsuki.

(leave out the middle it’s not a real one…I don’t think)

I know what the caracters look like. you gotta realise this is gonna take a very long time. u can’t just expect it to be one straight away. Hes a very busy guy. but i have SDK back so i can start ith the maps :smiley:

Haha from the 7th ways of the Rinnegan, the God Realm(The one on the left corner) its the most kick ass!
I will be waiting anxiously for the maps and models :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw nice avatar Zorgoth hehe Gluttony :smiley:

Yea, I was gonna say that too :smiley: (not something you want to meet on a dark night is Gluttony :S or any of the Homunculus really), speaking of which i’ve not seen any FMA models around (and I have looked :frowning: )

Yeah :x A model of Alphonse’s armor would be amazing :stuck_out_tongue: unluckily people have their hands full right now…
But im glad that RivalMage got SDK back :smiley: hope all the project goes well.

BTW there are already some Naruto Models, but they are for Half Life(First One), Yesterday i was looking around and they are extra models for The Specialist’s MOD on Half Life, They aint the best but maybe they can help. (One of the Models there is the Naruto that Kuno86 used for his/her Player Models Pack) And there are also alot of other models from that same pack, since its a big Anime pack for that MOD.

I found a model of Alphonse as the Armour, I’ll try asking if we can use it.

I also found this site: http://gfx-3d-model.blogspot.com/ has loads of models, even ones that i’m sure are taken from here (models converted on Facepunch I mean, or at least are the same models that were used).