Hidden Agenda


This is my first attempt at machinima in Garry’s Mod. At first I intended for this project to be one longer video, but due to time constraints and being a newbie at this, I’ve decided to release it in parts, but it might take me some time to master the use of vehicles and greenscreening for the next video.

Comments/criticism/advice would be appreciated!

pretty damn good for a first.

Great job – I would work on the pacing, however. It was VERY slow-moving, much slower than it should have been. Still, you’ve got loads of potential.

Basically what ScoutKing said, pretty impressive for a first shot. One recommendation I have is to smooth out your cuts a bit. For instance, when he’s going down the final flight of stairs, you first see him stopped at the top, and after you see him halt abruptly at the bottom. It would help the flow of the film greatly if you didn’t show him stopped at the top or bottom (unless of course there was a reason to stop).

2:19 made me laugh. :smiley:
But I still liked it.

Pacing is really awful, but the rest is good!

Really, you should cut your clips more, wanting to show everything is bad. For example, when he went downstairs, you were able to see you began the clip too early

I like where this series is going, pacing can use some work.