Hidden Base - Near Split Rad Town.

Hey Here is a base I found on my server.

Link of where it is on a map - http://imgur.com/0FyXrUW

Damn that was well hidden :smiley:

Now I give it 2 days … and 500 servers have build the same lol

yeah xD the video has been up for a while but haven’t seen any houses there xD

brb … (logging into rust, start fav server … get my 500 planks ) cya laterz :smiley:

haha GG!

Wow nice spot

Only need about 24 planks for that, no room for more than a foundation, 4 pillar, a doorway and a wall.
Not much room inside for more than a couple of boxes either, but it’s still a nice hiding place.

Nice spot. Best I’ve seen.

Will have to take a good look at this and see if this spot has been taken on my server :wink:

nice nice, and That’s how a WELL HIDDEN base is set up!

I gotta check out this spot when I get home tonight. Very cool and, assuming I’m thinking of the location correctly, pretty centrally located. It’d be a nice spot to drop things off if I’m not able to get back to my primary base.

yer i know that spot too , there r 3 way to get out if you build correctly, its very well design