Hidden props in GMod or what?


I am running a Gameserver on gm_flatgrass and i noticed something weird, invisible things they just accross the map and colide with everything.
Just look at these screenshots and no one owned that.




Can someone explain me this?

I’m quite sure these are nails. Nails are literally what you think they are, used to nail things together. If you get two props you can attach them to eachother by shooting a nail through them.

Could also be crossbow bolts, I’m not sure. I thought those dissapeared after a short while.

They are from a bow just to demonstrate and show you there is something, has nothing todo with the nails…

It also colides with Vehicles and Props.

Are you sure? I was quite convinced Crossbow bolts dissapeared after a while.

Do you have vehicles installed/enabled on your server? Can you disable them and see whether it happens again.

Just basic HL2 vehicles, not more.