Hidden textures in Modern Warfare 2?

Hello there!

In Modern Warfare 2 or Call of Duty 4, theres some textures in different colors. BUT I can only find 1 texture of it in the iwi files. So does anyone here knows where to find the other textures?

I’m talking about this texture (though, there are some other textures using the same “system”):



And here are the magicly yellow and green version of the texture in-game, but where the heck do you find them?


So guys… where are these textures? I’d like the most to find the orginals instead of “repainting” it myself and make it look shit.


There’s most likely no originals. The textures use an ao map (the white you have) which has a multiplied colour on top. Most likely that colour multiply is done over that _col texture.

If there’s no masking texture, then they probably just use one single colour even for the cracks.

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever seen how much they cram into the files for MW2, you realize they have to minimise on memory usage some way. I’m surprised valve doesn’t use this as well.

You can put a lot more detail into a real coloured texture than into a vertex coloured one. But Valve is already using a similar approach on l4d zombies for instance. The reason the textures in mw2 look so detailed is because of the amount of decals slapped on them.

There’s nothing hidden in any of the RGB/A channels on either the diffuse, normal or spec that would lead to making it a different color.

It’s done as an attribute of the prop. The renderer multiplies the texture by a color at run-time. You can get pretty much the same effect by making a new layer above it in photoshop, filling it with a solid color, and setting its blending mode to “multiply”.

Interresting, just tried it.
I used the colors taken from following files I found in Modern Warfare 2 (I couldn’t find anyone in green or lime though):

These files are just a tiny 16x16 with a color texture on it, nothing special. Maybe those are the textures the engine is using as an “overlay” or “multiply” on the orginal?



What do you say? The red one looks good, the yellow one maybe not so much.

IW’s lazy asses left CoD4 textures in the files. Marines, etc.

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I do, this has nothing to do with Mw2, if its almost complete and ready for G-mod with some flaws; then post it here. Other wise, hidden textures and mw2 textures have to do with COD.

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Wow, actually I might start making my textures like this, it would save one memory and be easier to manage.

Bad idea to use for everything. It can only do a single color - it doesn’t work with multiple tones. So doing a flag, or a face, or anything that isn’t monochromatic, is pretty much impossible.

Well I’m talking about generic textures like brick walls and carpets not multi-colored things.

It’s still a lot better to have complex colour diffuse maps. There’s just so much more detail in them compared to AO pass based ones. Even if you have two three different colour tones which you can colour seperately, you still won’t get as good a result.

It works pretty well for textures like plaster, plastic etc. Essentially textures which don’t have much colour variation IRL either. Look at Mirror’s edge. That used these pretty well.