Hide and Seek Survival Gamemode Name and other things

These are my Questions about my Hide and Seek Gamemode.

  1. I’m making a Hide and Seek Gamemode, but it has no name. Could someone suggest one that fits with the idea that it is Hide and Seek with Combine and Rebels?

  2. How could I make it so that the Combine Team respawn like Normal, but the Rebels have one life?

  3. How could I make Combine NPCs friendly to the Combine Team?

Well I think this is the wrong thread but for a name you could do cops and robbers , but you shouldn’t make the rebels have one life instead make them spawn into combine once you get found as a rebel like zombie survial so you don’t have to sit and wait. Just my 2 cents!

Good idea on that Rebel to Combine thing.

Also, the Combine has to kill who it finds. The Rebels may still kill the Combine.

I have decided the Gamemode will be called Search and Destroy. It will be released soon, but there will be no official Maps, Players will have to use HL2:DM Maps instead…

Noone will play this becouse of two reasons.

1st: this game mode was already done.
2st: simple hide’n’seek is too boring and when its with combines and rebels it doesnt makes it special.

Why post to a Dead Thread? Anyway, it’s not simple. There can be objectives like Destroy the Strider, there’s Classes and Power ups.

Also, RP has been done countless times, but my Gamemode gets flamed for copying another that I didn’t even know about!