Hide errors on screen

Hey, I was wondering if someone could make an addon that would prevent lua errors from showing up in the top right corner (preferably still showing them in the console). The reason I need this is because I recently cleaned out my Gmod but I still get a truckload of errors due to some things not being there when Gmod thinks they are, there aren’t any actual problems but upon starting a map I get more than a full screens worth of errors which is pretty annoying to say the least.

tl;dr - I want an addon that hides lua errors from view.

This means you have some random scripts in your lua folder, the lua errors will help you find and delete them instead of having another addon to weigh down your Garrymsod install.

No, he’s saying he wants a script that would block/hide the lua errors that appear in-game. (I think.)

I tried that once before, it didn’t work.

Just tried that, doesn’t seem to do anything.


That sounds like it should work, ill load up Gmod and try it out.
That’s fixed it, thanks :slight_smile: