"Hide for your life" - two survived soldiers hiding from an unusual alien


Holy shit this is cool.

This is ace, the composition is spot on.

Gritty reboot of Dino Riders?

The lights are fantastic, and I love how you made the alien.

Robo Dino…Great concept

fucking awesome idea

What’s the original look like?

Dr.Evil would love this! A dino with freaking laser beams!! That would shit me right up if I saw it coming. Awesome stuff.

Hooollly shit I’m reminded of Dr. McNinja so hard right now!
Anyways this is awesome.

Very nice, reminds me of the old Turok series

Haha rad

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Nanosaur 3?

Dinosaurs with guns! What will they think of next?

In fact,it was meant to be some kind of head-wearing gun…I thought I would be quite effective to shoot with just turning your head toward the target

Sad,but I haven’t watched a single serie of this cartoon…my only association is

thats so fucking awesome man!

coolest fucking dinosaur I’ve seen

actually he may be on par with that jet flying dino from that comic

This is so … ÜBER! I absolutely love this one! My first thougt was Turok from 1998. How about do such a pic with a T-Rex model?

this fucking rules

i really wish that people would do more original stuff like this. generic us troops shooting at generic bad guys and/or taliban is getting fucking boring as shit.

Ha, the fuck?

Great imagination, posing, and editing.

Haha I love how you literally threw the gun into his head.

“Hey imma put this here for the lulz - OH SHIT IT ACTUALLY LOOKS GOOD”