Hide IP On Connection

A lot of servers are doing it now, and how are they doing it? Basically it hides your IP incase of hackers that can log the IP with certain hacks.

What? Why would you hide a IP. You can rarely do anything with a IP. You always share your IP with the server, how else is he supposed to answer your request?
Edit: And what exactly has this to do with LUA?

Name ‘a lot’ of servers.

Sourcenet3 has an example script to do this.

IIRC your IP is never sent to the client, but when you connect I am unsure if you open a socket with them to send your data.

Maybe so that people with Lua hacks can’t view your IP, and, oh, I don’t know, DoS you? Just a thought.

Yes, but they could easy join a group they are in, initiate a chat with the person, call them and get the IP. Most people don’t know it’s direct and doesn’t go over the Steam Server like the Steam Chat does.

That’s a lot more effort than opening a menu and clicking “Copy” and then ctrl-v into their favourite booter.

Well if you have the time to DDoS someone you have the time to do what Ideal said.

It takes 20 seconds for someone with devnull to start ddosing someone (Who has access to an IP logging script).

It takes significantly more to find a group with < 150 members, start a voice call, get their IP from wireshark, copy it into devnull… etc

This isn’t going to be a problem in the next update - Garry has disabled the IP being sent on connect.

Along with what other people have said, there are alot of different ways for someone to get a clients ip address.
for example most servers are still effected by that source download script that allows clients to upload and download text files.
Lets say a server had ulx, a client could simply download ‘data/ulx_logs/<date>.txt’ with the exploit and have a log of every ip that has connected that day.
In the end there’s really no way you could keep someone from getting someone else’s ip address, and even if they do get someones ip address what are they going to do? use one of those $5 booters to DDos the ip for 1 minute.
In my view its not really something you should concern yourself with.

You can’t really do anything with people’s IP’s these days…

sv_allowdownload 0
sv_allowupload 0

There is no reason you should be using the built in downloads, if you rent a server you can afford webspace.

Getting an IP from a connecting client isn’t a hack, it’s sent in plain view in the player_connect event. Source even has the command “net_showevents” in the console to print all game events to console. I don’t remember if it was garry who made it a cheat cvar or not, it’s probably still available to everyone in other source games. Sethhack just logs them, nothing special.

This has been pushed in the next update, any logging ip scripts eg: SethHack or ColdFire will be useless. It’s because the source engine sends everyone a game event with players ip, if you do net_showevents 2 while sv_cheats is on then you can see players IP’s upon joining the server.

Does sv_allowupload still break sprays?

If it’s set to 0 no one will be able to show their spray to anyone unless the people viewing it already downloaded it from another server.

The server broadcasts events to the clients, Including the ‘connect’ event within the connect event there is some data such as the Name, SteamID and IP.
The IP is not used for anything on the client side, and can be safely removed using Sourcenet3 http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1040338 http://christopherthorne.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/gm_sourcenet3/examples/sn3_stripip.lua