Hide Lua errors popup

How can I hide that an add-on is causing lua errors in the console? There is an add-on that works perfectly, but it still creates errors.

Fix the error? lul

They’re meant to be in your face annoying so that they get fixed.

Thats like asking how you get rid of the fuel gauge in your car because its saying empty.

… Or how to get rid of your smoke detector because it wont stop telling you that your house is on fire.

Or how you hide people posting pointless comments when someone is asking for help.

Why would it not be better to just find the error and fix it anyway? Especially if someone were to stumble across the thread later

I can’t fix the error because it is not my add-on and I don’t know how it works, I also can’t update it because I can’t connect to the steam or the workshop.

And we aren’t giving him help because 1: NickTheMighty has already answered it, 2: OP is posting in the wrong section, and 3: We wanted to point out how dumb it is to “hide a problem instead of fixing it”.

You can always post the error and addon here and we’d help. Otherwise, contacting the author is always a solution.

Where have I said any differently? It’s obvious that fixing the issue is better than hiding it. I’m just pointing out that making dumb remarks such as what Renzbo and Redfiend said are pointless and don’t help.

If you can’t be bothered to help people in a HELP thread, why even bother being here?

Not really. It’s fine to tell someone that what they’re looking for is misguided. If someone was asking how to make like, their giant parrot in a tiny cage shut up without buying a bigger cage, it’s perfectly fine to say “uh. no. get a bigger cage brah.”

It doesn’t happen on only one add-on, and to fix all of them, I would have many legacy addons, which I don’t want. I don’t want advice on how I should solve the problem, I want to know how I can solve it using my method. The add-ons don’t show that they have any problems and the fastest method would be to just hide the errors.