Hide LUA errors?

This’d be helpful for recording, is there a way to hide LUA errors from appearing on the right side of the screen?

Fix the erros is the easiest method. (If you are a coder, fix your code. if you are a “user”, update/remove the faulty addon)

There is no other method (besides coding a binary/dll - but this can take hours and I’m sure, nobody sees the worth in it doing it)

Seriously, garry added this “nag”-screen to FORCE coders fixing their code. Before, errors were only in console and coders thought “huh, an error - nobody sees it - i nevermind”. Now it is “huh, an error - everyone is getting spammed by it - i have to fix it”.

I wish the Wiremod team thought like that.

So there is absolutely no way -.-???

I get an error containing the word finger alot, how do I look it up.
searching for finger in my Gmod map does not work :3

there is a way to hide them, there are posts on it, i cant remember… oh wait Search is active again: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=859872

This, but if you’re a coder, please fix the errors instead of hiding them :byodood:

Any of you know how to use this?
When i go to the download link, I see files with extensions I’ve never seen before.

Edit: Wait, it’s a SVN?
Just addon folder I assume then?
Testing now.
ps: Thanks for the link.

Edit Edit: It’s not an SVN??
How do I use this…


Woot, Got it to work.
Kinda weird thread though.
all the info came from responders.

what do you do with it