hide pointshop items?

I recently bought the PSdrop addon from codehire and i was wondering if you were able to hide a pointshop item tab so other people wont be able to see it.
This is what im trying to do:

Allow people to get items from crates that you cant buy from pointshop.
But you could only get items from the crates if they are in the pointshop.
Problem is that i dont want people purchasing the rare items from pointshop and so i want to hide it.
I have tried using CATEGORY.AllowedUserGroups = { “admin”, “vip” }, but then people arent able to receive those items in the category that i placed that code in.

You can use:

CATEGORY.AllowedUserGroups = { "admin", "vip" }

Enter in whatever ranks you want to see the category by adding this in the __category.lua file.

But then people wont get the item when unboxing the unusual crate due to the fact that you only allowed certain groups to enter those items.

PSDrops has a blacklist function. I think Phoenix created it? Talk to him.

Is there a way to disable sell for certain items?

Yeah if you edit some default code but you’d probably break something :slight_smile:
But what you’re asking is to hide the tab (category) from people that you dont specify. So inside your __category.lua put

 CATEGORY.AllowedUserGroups = { "admin", "vip" } -- Add other groups that you'd like 

There’s a custom function for Categories so you can return if ply:PS_HasItem of any of the items and if so then return true.

I have tried doing so, but when i do, the crate doesnt drop anything. It seems as if the crate uses the item in the category, but if you use that code to allow specify groups, then regular users wont be able to access the drops.

Did you even read any of my posts? LEARN TO READ.

Anyways, just blacklist it using the addon.

^lol, “Learn to read”… Nice one…

It’s pissing me off that you aren’t using our advice. PSDrops by Phoenix allows you to blacklist pointshop items to be prevented from being given.

I recommend you to get your eyes checked, as you are the one that doesn’t know how to read.
First of all, im trying to make some of the tabs invisible, not blacklisted.
Theres a difference ya know…
“you probably wont be able to read this too”

The crates drop items that are on the pointshop, but the problem is that i want the rare crate to drop non-purchasable item. And so if i were to blacklist the item, how else would the players get the drop? They dont… So i was wondering if anyone got any ideas on how to hide the rare crate drop tab.

But apparently there’s a guy that has no idea what’s going on, commenting on this thread.


Listen to my other idea then. There’s a custom function for categories something like CATEGORY.CanSee = function bleh end
that allows you to disable the ability for people to see tabs on a certain condition. So do something like
if ply_PS_HasItem(“turtle”) then return true end

Nope, still doesn’t work.

Here’s the proper way to do it:

function CATEGORY:CanPlayerSee(ply)
    return ply:PS_HasItem("turtle")

^doesnt work

Would be great if you showed us the code.

CATEGORY.Name = ‘GunSkins’
CATEGORY.Icon = ‘add’
CATEGORY.AllowedEquipped = 10

function CATEGORY:CanPlayerSee(ply)
return ply:PS_HasItem(“GoldDeagle”)