Hide Scripterror spam

Is there a way to hide the god awful “Something is creating script errors” box? I am tired of it flashing up, even when things work fine for me. It is extremely annoying, and players can just check the console. Help!

Bump. Could it be made, so that the spawnmenu shows the error box only when the menu is open? Or have it say something like “There has been 80 errors so far, last one at (Time) caused by (Cause)”

There is usually a delay after the errors clear up. As for the menu idea, the purpose is to notify developers. Not all game modes use sandbox either so they don’t have a spawn menu.

Although I don’t know if this also removes the new error box you can try this: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=859872&p=36675657&viewfull=1#post36675657