Hide those pesky Hints from...

Is it possible to remove the HUD hints that appear? If so how do I?

Press C, which is the context menu. At the very top is a tiny white bar with some text. Click that text for a drop down menu. Look there.

Oh sorry, I didn’t explain the question enough. How do I remove them for the hole server?

It’s a clientside thing. I don’t think you can edit their settings or run commands on them so freely.


According to the page for CHudHintDisplay, those don’t display in Garry’s Mod.


Maybe that’s something else? Or maybe the wiki page is wrong.

Are you referring to Sandbox’s hints?

I think he is talking about tool tips.

-snip jesus christ that was not intelligent ( I originally posted code that would entirely remove notifications, that’s what Tenrys is talking about )

just do something like this in a clientside file

[LUA]RunConsoleCommand( “cl_showhints”, “0” )[/LUA]

Very very bad idea, rejax.
Some addons use those, such as Pointshop, so you shouldn’t do this.

You’d rather force clients hint cvar to be 0. I don’t remember what cvar it is though, sorry.