Hiding Brushes?

I’ve never really taken any interest in mapping but recently I’ve begun messing around with the Alien Swarm SDK. Anyway I was wondering if there was a way you could step over/into a trigger and have a brush or group of brushes hide. Then when you go up a flight of stairs or something you would go out of the trigger area and the brushes would reappear, those of you who have played the Sims should have a good idea of what I’m proposing. It seems simple in my mind but I don’t really have the best grasp on the Hammer editor…

Go look into the func_brush.

Place a trigger_multiple, then make the brushes you want to hide a func_brush.

Then in the trigger_multiple make sure the client flag is checked, then do
OnStartTouch|<func_brush name here>|Alpha|0
OnEndTouch|<func_brush name here>|Alpha|255
in the outputs tab. See if that works.

onstarttouch name addoutput renderfx 6

^ my preferred method right there

Thanks for the quick replies! I will look into the above methods later tonight.


I tried the above two methods with little success, though I think it may be partly due to the differences in normal Hammer and Alien Swarm Hammer, or maybe I have no idea what I’m doing, but anyway when I open the Outputs tab for my trigger_multiple I get 4 lines:
“My output named”
“Targets entities named”
“Via this input”
“WIth a parameter override of”
I tried On Trigger/Roof/Alpha, in each of the cascading boxes, and also tried placing your above code into the “parameter override” box. Am I doing something horribly wrong or is normal Hammer really that different? I could post screenshots if that would help…

Oh and also in AS Hammer there is no Client flag…