Hiding default scoreboard?

How do I hide the default Gmod scoreboard? There doesnt seem to be much on it… Thanks!

I think if you override the default scoreboard function (http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/GM/ScoreboardShow), the scoreboard will disappear.

	function GM:ScoreboardShow()

I thought that but when I put that in it returns nothing.

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Just randomly started working! :smiley:

I am glad.

If you’re working on an addon: no no no… NO.

hook.Add(“ScoreboardShow”, “MyAddon”, function()
– make your panels
return true – prevents GM:ScoreboardShow.

I doubt he is.
He is talking about the default, sandbox-like scoreboard
And I haven’t seen anyone working on a scoreboard for a sandbox server for ages.

Anyways, the question has been answered. Close the thread.