Hiding "Server_cvar" notifications

Hello! I need a bit of help.

I’m a novice machinima maker, and I frequently use Garry’s Mod due to its unlimited potential. However, I frequently use NPC’s in my works, and this often results in using the dynamic commands a lot, such as “Disable Thinking” and “Ignore Players”

However, this displays a notification explicitly stating that a server_cvar “ignore_players” or “ai_disabled” was set to 0 or 1, and this is annoying to work with, as it means I have to delay my filming until after the message goes.

Is there any way I can have these little messages not show up? It would definitely save me time making my films!

Thank you!


cl lua:

hook.Add( “ChatText”, “disableservercvarnotifications”, function( index, name, txt, type )
if name == “Console” and string.sub( txt, 1, 11 ) == “Server cvar” then
return true
end )