Hiding the mouse in a derma menu?

Alright, so I’ve got this derma overlay going on top of a player’s screen on intro. Is there a propper way to hide the players mouse so he’s not dicking around with the mouse during game entry?

gui.EnableScreenClicker(boolean enabled)
This will block him from using it too. ( As if you are playing the actual game )

Through testing, I’ve determined that this function does nothing in the context of a derma menu.

If you just dont call panel:MakePopup() it wont take focus away from the user, so they can still play while the panel shows. I think that will do what your looking for, though im not entirely sure about what your asking. Do you want to disable all input / mouse etc? Or just make the panel show mut not be interacted with?

This is roughly what I wanted to do. I was drawing an introduction onto a derma panel, and I didn’t want the cursor showing. Now I can just lock the player while the introduction is rolling and then unlock him when its finished. Thanks a bunch!