Higgins Boat (LCVP)?

Does anyone have a better LCVP (or “Higgins Boat” to the trendy) model than the one in Day of Defeat: Source? I was looking for one where you could actually lower the ramp on it, instead of two separate models (one with ramp up, one with ramp down).

For those of you that don’t know, here’s what an LCVP looks like.


Why not provide references on which games have models like these?

I would also like a higgins boat to mess around with in posing.

Allow me to simplify my original post into what I really meant. :v:

Could someone with modeling experience and skills take the model of the higgins boat from DoD:S and ragdoll the ramp?

I support this

CoD 2 had a good one

so did big red one.

Cod2 is a PC Game, Big Red One is PS2 game.

Guess which model is better.

And it’s more easily ported than the PS2 one.Since it’s on the PC

But then again, why go through the trouble of porting when Day of Defeat Source has a model (with the ramp lowered) that can be ragdolled?

There’s one in CoH, in Men of War as well. But then you’d probably still need to ragdoll it and improve the textures.

Because Valve never heard of stuff like shaders until 2007.