High and low need help with a VTOL

Okay I have sat here for countless hours whacking my head off my keyboard tell I got the code rite but every time it looks rite it and I read it through it doesn’t work I’m trying to make an applied force VTOL with rotating wings so it looks a bit better and not a stupid helicopter I tried my best and now I give up could someone post a simple to wire E2 I’m stuck on this and I don’t want over load my brain before winter holidays anyone who gave me one would save me 45% of my life of wasting away with something I can’t figure out

I’d be happy to give what (little - I’m decent with E2, not magical) help I can, but we need a little more information about what you need the gate to do, and the contraption you are putting it on. If you don’t mind posting an Advdupe2 file, I could probably take a look and see what I can do when I have some time later today. (Just make sure its an Advdupe2 file, regular Advdupe can make constraints weak and contraptions fail. Advdupe2 doesn’t do this.)

I do not have a model I just need something so I can make like the halo 3 hornet, or the harrier and i have bin having trouble plus I don’t have a model yet

VTOL ---------> http://www.lucas-digital.com/images/design/3d/models/image_vtol.jpg

Honestly, it’s pretty much pointless to start coding now while you don’t have anything built. The location and orientation of the E2 gate will affect the behavior of the force vectors you code, so it is best to have the model finished and start coding from there. Feel free to drop me a line when you are done though, I’d be glad to help.

Alright ill get started now I should be done in a few hours so check back tomorrow! I will have photo’s uploaded in top post!