High Choke & Ping in TTT

Hello! So my friend and I recently got ourselves a VDS from NFO which was the 6 core plan, and we noticed that in our TTT server the choke & ping spike up really bad. I checked how much CPU the TTT server is using and it only goes up to about 10% max. That’s with all bots and 2 players.

So I tried playing with my config:
cl_updaterate 34
cl_cmdrate 34
fps_max 34
rate 30000

I lowered the tickrate to 33 trying to find a solution aswell, it helped a little bit but whenever people spawn in it bursts up to 300+ ping and 90 choke for about 6 seconds with 24 players. Is there a way to combat this? There’s no addons except a few guns, it’s a fresh server. Thanks!

Just waking around shooting it burst up to 73 choke and the cpu usage was 5%.
I also noticed that the IN is MUCH higher than the OUT on netgraph.

It has gone up to 8k in and it only went to about 100 out.

Holy damn, what addons do you have? That graph is way off of what it should be.

You’ll be really confused when I send you this workshop collection. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=368896927

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That’s without any addons except ULX and ULib.

This was solved by a member on the NFO forums named “Soja”. My solution was to put this into my server.cfg “sv_minrate 1048576” I hope that helps anyone!