High-cost Night Vision Goggles.

Gives green vision, should consume 50 low quality metal, and a research kit, as well as glass, should be a rare material that cannot be crafted and drops from airplanes. It should also require a battery that is not a super rare drop, but is consumed, so to have goggles all night would cost 10-20 batteries or something like that, they should not be craft-able though. Yes they would be very op at night, but should exist I think. Just make them hard to use etc.

Make it a invetory item not a helmet so u cannot look with nv and shoot at the same time and make them hard to find,not craftable,then they would be ok

no, it should take up your headslot, and remove your head armor. NV goggles are really good, debatebly OP. and drawback they can give would balance them out+making them hard to use.

In the game’s current state, simply boosting the gama can give you something close to night vision. Its a crappy, under handed method, but people do can and have done this. With that being said, in all likely hood something like this wont be added into the game or likely wont be able to be crafted. The game is going down a direction where military grade equipment will either be stupid rare and wont be able to be crafted, or will be removed all together.

Just no. Dayz or I:SS might be for you.

Do you have a good reason to be against it? or are you just being a rust hipster?

Both, Why need NVGs when you have already light sources? The only reason one would want NVGs is nothing more than just to hunt everyone down and kill them like cowards, usually too scared to pop a flare or use their torch. If you play either dayz or iss, no one every uses a torch or flares ect, It’s all NVG.

Even now I see less use of the starter torch you spawn with than I used to. Scaredy cats.

using a torch at night is like say “Shoot me Shoot me!!!” hence most people dont use them more than sparingly. Most people also only use night time to travel, or craft, since you cannot do much else. Also since there is no air drops, not much of a reason to go out at night. With nvgs, people would do more raids at night, thinking they have an advantage, and those that dont have nvgs would be in there house ready to defend it, if those nvgs show up. Also, nvgs do help nighttime sight, but its still hard to distinguish non-moving targets. It would just add more people on the map at night, doing things.

It would add nakeds being killed at night when they can´t see anything.

Right now what we have is: nakeds with a rock and a torch fighting Full kevlar with m4, holo, flashlight, explosives and medkits. Adding NVGs would just make top players completly OP.

Know you say that using torch or flashlight is just a “shoot me shoot me sign”. But that the whole idea. You can trade a bit of light for chance of being spotted. This is good gamedesign (in my opinion). Players have to make choices.

Short: OP.

I think that is a great idea!

bad idea, night is supposed to be dark. if you put NVG in the game, might as well just remove night.

Bad idea. Zergs will zerg the airdrops -> Zergs will own at nights -> Bad idea.

Let’s give even more of an edge to end-game players, people haven’t been complaining about those at all lately.

We, the naked,hungry, and cold people at night getting even more hunted then before? NO. Just NOOOO.
Maybe later when weapons will become rare then it could be good, cause if you make NVG now, we can just leave. I am tired of the OP players now, if it becomes even more rare then no thank you. I’ll just remove the game. I dont like unfair games, its unfair at the moment but you can survive, even tho the community is ruined by people with M4’s running around. Not long ago I was able to get to someones house, to my shock while I had NOTING, people were having big crates all stored with M4’s, MP’s and tons of pistols, I had noting to say. When I opened another crate I saw a crate FULL of bandages, think of it. How many people were needed to fill that crate? 50? 100?? The answer cannot be counted as people think that shooting FRESHSPAWNS gives them something. Well, let me ask you the OP person in that tower, you wont find anything in that guy, why waste the ammo on him? To get a rock? That rock wont get you any metal (That was wasted on the bullet…) Sulfur (Used to make gunpowder…) nor will it give you a weapon. Then why kill him? So later he will quit? Or so you could say yes I killed that guy? It gives you nothing. It makes you even noobier then that naked, cold, and hungry man on the mountain, you sir make me sick.

NVG is a horrible idea. This game is supposed to be post apoc and I, for one, think that the military spec weps are way to easy to get your hands on. There needs to be a much higher cost and risk associated with these types of items. They should absolutely degrade and unrepairable or if they can be repaired, should be the cost of crafting a new one.

I rarely wear my kevlar and I am almost always naked with a bow and pick axe. If I am gathering shit the last thing i want to do is get blind sided by some asshole at dusk because he had some free time and NVG’s