High CPU usage after installing plugins


Im a bit at a loss right now, Im running on HFB servers and am using Oxide. For some strange reason, when I install the basic plug-ins for oxide: oxmin, kits, tpa, doorsharing. My CPU usage is a constant 12% (+/- 1%). When I dont have any of these plug-ins installed its around 1%. Now this high CPU usage has caused my server to crash in the past, and even now after I updated everything its still lagging and occasionally crashing. I checked the logs and couldn’t find anything wrong. Does anyone know how I could solve this issue?

Many thanks

Probably not updated yet.

but it was the same case before, and i checked. Used only updated plug-ins

Wait, wasn’t HBF not this hated hoster?

It seems so, but then again I have heard positive things. And I was even recommended to use this GSP. Would you have a better alternative?

I heard good things about this one.
But I don’t know so much about Rust hosters.

This is an oxide issue, not Rust/Facepunch. How to solve: Remove Oxide.