High CPU usage?


I use NFO servers managed hosting, and I am having problems with high CPU usage.
Right now with 31 players, it’s using 77% CPU.
Previously I had a VPS with them but the CPU was worse than their managed hosting so I moved to managed.
I wonder if this is what to be expected with this amount of players, or if it’s some addon that would be causing it?
I have been using DBugR to try and find if any addons are like heavy on resources but I’ve not really found anything.
Is the only option to be able to have like 64 players to buy a dedicated server, assuming it’s DarkRP with like regular addons, vehicles etc?

If these are of any relevance:
sv_maxrate 0
sv_minrate 100000
sv_minupdaterate 10
sv_maxupdaterate 33
sv_mincmdrate 0
sv_maxcmdrate 33
22 tick

sv_maxrate 0
sv_minrate 100000
sv_minupdaterate 16
sv_maxupdaterate 16
sv_mincmdrate 15
sv_maxcmdrate 15

Either optimize the game mode which means gasp editing core files, or throw more powerful cores at it.