High End Play - Metal Base vs Wood base

What are the cons and pros of both?

Wood base:

  • Easier to get the resources in high quantities.
  • Doesn’t need blueprints.
  • Can make the base biggers/taller in a smaller time frame when compared to metal base.


  • If not taken precautions , people can build into last floor and get into loot room with only 1-2 c4.
  • People can skip several metal doors due to using only 1 c4 for several wood walls , depending on deterioration.

Metal base:

  • Needs more c4 to destroy the walls which forces the raiders to get more c4 than if they were raiding a wood base.


  • Needs blueprints.
  • Takes a lot longer to make secure bases when compared to wood bases.
  • Harder to get the resources needed when compared to wood bases.

So far I believe metal bases need some kind of a buff to actually be “viable” when compared to wood bases.

I believe that if metal doors were stronger on a metal doorway frame than in a wood doorway frame then it would make metal bases very very viable. (Example: Wood doorway + metal door = 2 c4. Metal doorway + metal door: 3-4 c4.)

The biggest pro I think with metal bases is that it’s a lot harder to grief/build on a metal base as a raider because it requires lots of resources to do, which in and of itself is the biggest issue I have with wooden bases.

It’s too easy to destroy a staircase and cap it with a ceiling to grief someone in wooden structures.

That would be a great idea but with the hacks that are allowing people to loot through walls and dupe

massive amounts of c4 it doesn’t matter how big your base is or if it’s metal or wood people will get into

it. These hacks that have come out have ruined a very very good game that had a lot of potential.

I’m having a bitch of a time getting Metal Pillars and Walls. I’m not even sure what the pros to a metal base would be… I can’t see a decay bar or anything to know what state my walls are in, so I guess every few days I should just repair them blindly.

I blew off one guy’s metal wall with one C4, I guess it was decayed pretty badly. Then it took me 2 C4 on a guy’s wood wall.

It’s almost better to just make a massive layered wood base.

Yes I totally agree with you in that one however most of the raiders I see don’t even build, they just destroy the doors , get inside , steal what they want and leave. They usually only build if people are inside ready to protect their loot.

However yes, that’s another pro. But still you must remember that it still takes a long ass time to build the base

I mean yeah, but the time spent is worth it in the end if you’re willing to upkeep the base. Once you can manage to get a nicely layered metal base with several floors, you can rest assured that the most raiders can do is destroy your doors.

In any case, it’s always a good idea to have at least 10-20 doors between the entrance and your loot. The trade-off is that if someone raids your metal base before it’s finished it can really easily set you back. Or they could raid you before you’re done and commandeer your base for their own if they wanted to.

That’s exactly the same thing i was thinking of :smiley:
I was wondering what is the purpose of wasting so much material to build up a metal base when, if you build a base in a decent way, raiders have to go through metal doors anyway to reach your loot room.

Blowing walls will more or less cost them the same amount of c4 even if the base is a wood one, if you build it in a good way (a repaired wooden wall takes 2-4 c4 from what i understand to destroy, which is same/more than a metal door).

So, in most cases, having a metal wall will change very little as far as c4 charges needed to raid you, since they will need to pass through your metal doors.

I think that making the metal doors resist 4 c4 each if built on a metal foundation will make metal bases way more interesting and really difficult to raid…but that would justify the long effort it takes to make a good/big one

I disagree. I had my wooden base up for ~5 days and I collected all kind of resources. Then when me and my friends wanted to change area I had ~450 low quality metal ready so it was just to start build.
You only have to be “unsafe” in a wooden base for a few days while farming, then you can move on to the new metal base.

Can someone explain how the decay works? How can I know how decayed my base is and how can I repair it?

Metal base con:

Begs to be raided.