"High end tools harvest slightly less resources"?

Most recent devblog says:

  • High end tools harvest slightly less resources
  • Stone tools harvest slightly more resources

This seems odd to me. Shouldn’t high end tools harvest more resources?

Could just be a typo?

Nope. Tweaking balance is a good thing. It doesn’t have to be permanent, and the change it brings will guide you closer to the correct place it should be. If you don’t like a certain change, keep that in mind and think of it as a necessary evil.

Thor-axe, I believe, the TS wasn’t complain about changes at general. But just for this one. And I think this is just an misunderstanding.

For now, stone axe make 15 wood at hit amd hatchet gets 25… And the quote from dev-blog in first topic looks really wierd in this case, but…

I think FP meant the amount of wood collected for one tree by different tools - it was ~375 by stone and ~700 by hatchet. And THAT’s the thing they changed…

The Salvaged Axe is awful for resources. Unless I am not using it on the right thing? It costs 250 metal fragments, is slow as hell, and only collects 30 wood per hit. Is this now worse? D:

Ahh, I see, so it means “high end tools harvest slightly less total resources from any given node than they did previously.” that makes sense.

Thanks for the clarification!