High Grade Fuel?????

Just read the latest from rustafied, the oil jack is in - woooo! However, processing crude oil in a refinery (which also requires wood) yields low grade fuel. Whats the point if I can just hunt a bunch of animals!? Surely a high grade fuel or similar ??

I suspect that is coming in time but at the moment there is nothing that uses high grade fuel (transport perhaps?) Also the quarrys have become much more important in this update so the need for low grade fuel has increased

I hope this is where we’re going. The concept art for the fuel processing plants look like they have mutlipletaps for different tier fuels.

Hopefully the animals will be left to the survivalists while the sweet petrol goes to bartertown and lord humongus’ clans.

I agree hopefully this will put and end to “Where are the animals” spammed in chat because a group culled the land to make fuel :smiley: Also puchfodder I have just realized what your Avatar is :stuck_out_tongue:

Because efficiency. Prior to the pump jacks, my group was finding it rather challenging to find enough animals to keep 2 quarries operating even part time. We’d run out of fuel, have to go hunting animals, produce fuel, and maybe get one stack of fuel we’d split between our 2 best quarries.

Since the pump jacks were added, we’ve managed to keep all 3 quarries running full time while we’re online. And by the end of the evening, instead of an empty fuel crate, it was nearly full of fuel (minus 4 slots). We’re actually producing more fuel than we can consume, and we don’t even have to hunt or craft. It would normally take us several days to get even half the amount of fuel we managed to produce in a few hours.

Sounds like a winning reason to me.

The Oil Jackman seems to be a gamechanger. How can you controll all your quarrys?? Are all Quarrys walled off?

Exterior walls may be a thing in the future. For now, you can just build an entire fort around a quarry.

We’re in a pretty remote part of the map. They’re all within sight (and gun range) of our base and we have a sniper on watch much of the itme. The other 2 bases in the area belong to allies. The only randoms that come in this area are here to run a nearby rad town.

Occasionally someone will sneak up to one of the quarries and steal something, but most of the time they end up dead when they try.