High Jump Wolf Glitch?

Has anyone encountered this? Or is this once and a life time thing?

Yes, I heard about it as well. Yesterday, there was a red bear chasing me. Not chasing me, more like flying.

Whoa, must have been trippy.

Got something similar today.

We have a black wolf in the field by our base that flies up and down without anyone interacting with it… pretty bizarre. Seen it a few times since the mutant/zombie update.

They also sink. I’ve had it happen a number of times.

I think they should this. It could prob lead to dupe or something. I don’t know.

Never seen this, but have been attacked by wolves underground. The infamous Mole-Wolf…creatures are deadly.

I always have wolves and bears chewing on me on the second floor of my home. :confused: Sometimes they spawn underground too.

Been chased up and down an abandoned house by a bear, it was using the stairs and ramps not just flying or no-clipping. Also seen the underground wolves and bears a few times.

I haven’t seen or heard that before, whoa.