High Level Shadows problem...

So, I am wanting to make some nice screenshots with this and that sort of thing, like high texture and shader. The problem is that when I set the shadows to high and join a singleplayer, it lags for quite a bit. It soon gets itself stable but then comes the part where I spawn a lamp or use my flashlight, which causes my screen to flicker a bit and then go black as if it lost connection, which forces me to just shutoff the computer and turn it back on…

I get the feeling it’s my computer rather than the game but I’d like to see some tips on helping. I am interested in using the Dynamic Shadows (which is why I am setting the shadows to high), so whoever can help, please help me :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of the system specs are__
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz (GPUs)
Memory: 6136MB RAM
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT
Monitor: SyncMaster 932BW/BW 1932/932BWE plus(Digital)

Wow, Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT, well, I think that card would be capable of it, but it’s a very old card so I’m not surprised if it’s lost support or something. What graphics driver version are you using?

Also try disabling anti-aliasing, and also if you have Ambient Occlusion on in the Nvidia control panel, turn that off

-Edit- I believe I found the version. Version

Also, the Ambient Occlusion is already turned off…

Another question, what does “Integrated RAMDAC” mean?

And abiyt the card, an old friend of my dads saw that I am quite a gamer so he sold his built computer for a discount with him mentioning that the computer is a few years old. Works fine to me.

There’s nothing wrong with the card, it’s just old so newer games might have problems, Garry’s Mod gets upgraded with newer versions of the Source engine so it essentially still counts as a “newer game”, integrated RAMDAC doesn’t mean anything important.

Also that wasn’t the version number I was looking for, can you download and install Speccy www.piriform.com/speccy and go onto the graphics card page and take a screenshot?

I found something else.

Version: 335.23

That should be the version for the 9500 GT

There’s a new driver, try updating to the latest version from the nvidia website

Okay, I upgraded to 337.88. After that, the map loads, but right before the map shows, it freezes for a while with my RAM going up pretty high. After it loads, it has some very short freezes after moving around, but the game is still playable with pretty high fps. Now after using the lamp or flashlight, the game freezes for a short time but resumes. Now this time, the fps has dropped pretty low. I spawned a second lamp (without toggle being checked, same goes for the first) and enabled both of them, freezing my screen.

I believe my computer will not be able to handle this setting unless I upgrade. If people can prove me wrong that while I have my other settings stay the same, my use of the flashlight/lamp will not effect my gameplay or posing, I’d appreciate it.