High memory usage

I haven’t played Rust in a few months and when I tried to play I got 60 fps , but 30 second freezes all the time.I opened up my task manager and found it Rust is using 6 out of my 8 gb of RAM.2 are being used on other programs so it’s on 100% and Rust is freezing up.Is this a memory leak or normal? Would it be fixed by adding more RAM or would it just consume all the RAM it could and still freeeze up? Please tell me if you have/had the same experience and if you found a solution.

Yes adding more ram will fix it.

NOT necessarily.

8GB here. Running Rust,Chrome and Spotify for 14 hours and also OBS recording for the whole time without any problem.

Had 8gb RAM, Rust used up 6-7… I upgraded to 16gb, Rust now only uses 2-3 (even after 24+ hrs logged in). Go figure. Might be optimization on FP’s part, but your scenario was quite common for me mid to late last year.

Yes necessarily.

All setups are different man, my friend runs rust perfectly fine with 8gb ram and alsorts of stuff open in the background as well, but for a lot of people out there 8gb doesn’t seem to be enough for rust (my guess is the unity memory leak with shadows hasn’t properly been fixed yet, not for everyone anyway). If he were to upgrade to 16gb he should never max his ram out again and therefore the freezes should stop.

Notice I said should, it’s very unlikely rust will use anymore then 8gb ram. For me (16gb total) I’ve never seen rust go above 4gb.

Depends the kind of RAM you have obvioulsy. Go for a brand new 16GB of a good DDR4 (if it fits with your motherboard) and you’ll use 2/3 Gb max like me

I went from DDR3 (3 years old) to DDR4 (2 days ago), and now my ram isnt filling up as quickly, however I also have 32gb, (had 32 before as well).

Was: 4x8 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600
Now: 4x8 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-2400 (OC@3600)