High Ping Players Exploiting

So, these Korean players enter East Coast 3 (Large) server and proceed to abuse exploits involving lag and buildings.

About 8 of us followed a person back to their house and proceed to check the perimeter for extra entrances and post up in various areas to make sure we weren’t being attacked from other angles.

Somehow, 3 people that never exited the building managed to drop all of us, decked out in leather and kevlar armor, within one or two hits. We collected ourselves, re-geared, and made our way back over there to spike wall and barricade them in their house. The same 3 people were inside and popping in and out to look at us. Every single door was spiked and barricaded as well as the whole perimeter of the house.

Yet again, we suddenly all dropped in one hit. We noticed them emerging from the rocks behind their house after a few of us got shot.

Then they began to spam world chat, boasting and insulting us.

I honestly cannot 100% confirm that they are hacking, but exploiting the server with high ping is very likely as I know the game already has issues with that. I also believe that the game is based in Unity, which is an open platform that can make exploitation and hacking very easy since the game is in alpha at the moment.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT HATING KOREANS! This is about people abusing the game.

Other than the obvious Korean player, the other one involved is aq5114.

Hmm well im a britt and even I know they shouldn’t be saying that. Without the usa the north and big kim would stomp all over them

This is not proof. This is heresay with a pointless screenshot.