High Ping Spikes - Server Side

Hey guys,

Now I can’t for the life of me work this out and I figured someone here ‘might’ (will) have a better idea about what is causing it. Basically a TTT server goes from great ping whilst sitting around 18ish players (less than 80ms) and then it goes to high pings (near 300ms) with around 26ish players. Here is what I have tried and what the results were:

**Tracert google.com (to test if it was host side) ** - 45 packets sent and received with an average of 3.861ms
CPU Usage - I haven’t seen the 3.4ghz core go over 80% unless under a DDoS
Tickrate - I tried using 33 tickrate in the start up command and that had no effect
Multiple Rate Settings - Still not sure which is the best configuration but they seem to affect stuff a bit (What is the best?)
Connection Speed - 10 megabit max in/out under a port that is able to hold a tonne more

The server is running TTT and through my extensive research before posting here it seems that it might be the gamemode itself? However that doesn’t make sense as there are plenty of other servers running that don’t have this issue. The OS is Ubuntu 14.04 if that affects anything and no other servers are hosted on the same CPU core.

Cheers for your time and your help,

TTT is pretty shit. I’m sure you have a number of addons which don’t help either.

I use to however I cut back, I don’t have more than 10. Plus I hate servers with massive download times.

10 MegaBit isn’t the best set up, are you running any other services in the background?

The port is 100gigabit I said I don’t go over 10 XD

Ok, well try and get that amount of people on sandbox, just for testing see if its the gamemode’s problem.
Probably will be a bit hard, but good luck :P.

Yeah I was thinking along the lines of doing a fresh install and testing sandbox and TTT plain and try to isolate the problem but I was just wondering if there was an easier solution that I am not aware of :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure you don’t mean gigabit? Or at most 10gbit. Nobody does 100gbit to single server.