High-Pitched Noise when ever I jump or fall.

Well, for some reason with my Speakers, Headset, or my other Headset, I’ll hear a very high pitched noise when ever I jump in-game. It doesn’t do this on any other games, so I’m not positive, does anyone have any suggestions on what to do though? It’s been like this for as long as I can remember, probably since the day I got Garry’s Mod in last December. (That rhymed, on accident.) So I’m not really sure. I can live with it though, but I mean, I thought I might as well see if there’s anyone else hearing this.

i hear the same thing. i think it’s just the way it is.

Are you sure you’ve not installed an addon which causes this? Try renaming your garrys mod folder and then running the game to give you a clean copy to see if the problem is still there.

I hear this when I hit the ground after falling. It’s normal.

It’s part of the sound, I hear it as well.

When I hit the ground, yes, when i’m falling, no.

Oh, okay. Well thank you all. At least now I know it’s not just my headset or something.

What are you guys talking about, I’ve got no such sound.

well, I don’t seem to have this problem. I had the problem with some other games. I fixed it by setting the refresh-rate(I think.) in my audio driver to DVD quality instead of studio quality. don’t remember the Hz number. but is was lower then the max value. never had any problems with any game since then.

Maybe it’s a certain frequency that not absolutely everyone can hear?

Because I don’t hear it

When you jump on grass in source it is loud as shit.



I hear it.

buy new ears

But seriously I do hear it.