High Priced Starts?

Hi. The dutch auction is a great idea, but why are people buying the game for $100+? If its going to be lower than half the price, then wait 8 hours!

I paid just under $100. Eager to play and couldn’t be bothered to stay up till 5AM. $100 isn’t a big deal.

I bought mine for $63. I got this a while back, and I know some people will be like ‘‘HOLY CRAP ARE YOU CRAZY?’’ but to me it was easily worth twice that.

Don’t tell any of the 12 year olds, but the game is amazing.

The $$ value is relevant to the person really I personally waited until the inevitable and my little one woke up in the early AM for a feed and bought it then :slight_smile:

The game has a heap of potential :slight_smile:

Im in the US, gonna buy mine probably for around 60… Unless its lower.

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Lol, i guess not. Mom just said to wait till around 50-40. Lets just hope 97 people dont get super egar,

I paid $45 and I get called an idiot for it all the time. I look at it like donating money to the development of the game. Plus why do you guys care what people do for their hard earned money. I worked for my money so who cares how and where i spend it? Yah it is annoying when 12 year old’s mommies and daddies buy it for them though at like 80 bucks though haha.

I paid 40$ including tax.
Most of codes get sold out under 35$

Paid $78 for mine , I said it before when price was discussed. I pay $100 for a trip to the movies with my family. Who cares what people spend there money on. If you have $100 to pay for a key to spare, buy it.

Why an idiot? Im about to buy my copy for like $49

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Just got it! xD Excited, but long password.

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Does it normally take so long to load tho?