High Quality military models for Army Roleplay.


Sorry for posting in wrong section!

Wrong subforum. This is for released content.



You’re on Facepunch.

There’s literally thousands of high quality military models here. FP’rs seem to have a boner for army stuff.

Yeah I wonder why. :rolleyes:

We don’t have accurate soldiers from 2008-2012 we have some old 2007 (with the old interceptor armor) american soldiers and we also have no accurate at all marine models. And that’s only for the us army.

Makes me wish that Bohemia Interactive didn’t get so pissy over people porting stuff from ArmA.

As far as I remember it wouldn’t have happened if someone would have asked nicely before porting.

There are some sweet looking marines by ddok1994, along with weapons for em’ just the right size. Find posts from ddok1994 and you’ll find what you’re looking for. It includes camo options; Woodland and Desert MARPAT, ACU, Multicam and Woodland BDU from the '90s I think. The ACU kinda fails though, wrong helmet, but you can use those guys as background.

These are really unrealistic.

Their helmets look like shit and their faces looks like they smeared feces all over them.