High Quality Saxton Hale Model Request

Hey all. First off, I’d like to say that I pop in here once in a while and I’m quite impressed by the work you guys as a whole do. Your modeling and porting work is admirable. Well done!

But I also have come with a request:

This man, as most of you know, is Saxton Hale from Team Fortress 2. This is the most commonly used custom model.

The problem I have, however, is that the model has no faceposing, and furthermore, since I plan to use the model in Source Film Maker, the model is a little low-quality.
What I request of you modelers is that someone, for the good of the Gmod/SFM/TF2 community, make a new, better Saxton Hale model with faceposing. I’m sure you modelers out thaere are capable of it, and I’m sure the community would be very appreciative.

If you need more reference pictures, check out his wiki page here, or look at this comic.

This is a portrait straight from Valve that looks relatively like a 3D model of him should look, and may even be model itself (I can’t tell- some of it looks painted)

Godspeed, and again, thank you so much!

This has been buried into the end of the second page so I’m going to bump it in a fruitless hope that some brave man or woman will take up the job

Bumping this in hope that someone will do it.

i suppose i could decompile saxton and give him facials, but if a completely new model is what you want then that’s a different story.

I’m still surprised Valve hasn’t just released it like they did the Meet the Sniper props.

We need iiiiit.

Frankly if need be I would appreciate that, but a new model would be optimal since using it in SFM will probably require it to have some higher-quality textures. Plus with the release of that portrait up there we have a better idea of what his face is intended to be like, so having a model made to match that would look nice.
But I think your offer is quite generous and I think it’s worth doing as both a backup for the Saxxies and as a general act of kindness for the community who use him in Gmod vids and such. Thanks!

Rebbacus mentioned on her blog that she’s seen it and that it’s so basic it was probably actually used just as a base for artists to paint over, so I’m not sure the official one will even be good enough. :v:

Looks fine the way it is

Apparently, “Fine” in your dictionary is glitchy finger posing and no face or eye posing.

he said it looked fine(which it does, he didnt say the features were good.

then one could simply put

Face Posing for Saxton Hale

instead of say High Quality

It spawns right in the air.

Plus there is a missing texture on the mustache.

then you must have not installed all the textures :smiley:
and spawning in the air doesnt affect it does it? your still able to pose it?

I installed the textures perfectly.

It honestly is a fine looking model, but I asked for a higher quality one simply because we have more information on how he should look and, furthermore, a model with higher definition, better textures will look better and a little less out of place with the official characters in SFM.

Sorry for the bump, guys, but I’ve got something to contribute, sorta.

After watching a new Saxxy entry last night about Saxton Hale, it was said at the end of the video (and in the description that MxDirector was the one who modelled Saxton Hale.

I remember when I first came to FP here I was looking to see if there was a version of the Saxton Hale model with facial posing as I remember seeing it in the original version of Gmod Idiot Box 10 (which seems to have been replaced by a different video, the original was uploaded by another user, from what I remember). I’d always wondered where this face-posable version was and how the user in question got it.

The answer- it’s unreleased:

He showed it off in this fake update page (which could use some grammar corrections as I’ve seen a lack of capitalization on these pages) and aside from its brief appearance in said mentioned video, I don’t think it was ever publically released.

I assume this model is better rigged and has better posing and physics in Gmod and SFM based on what I’ve seen, and I wonder why MxDirector never publicly released this much-improved Saxton to the community. Then again, in other game communities I’m a part of, such as Trainz, it’s not uncommon for modellers to not release some of their works.

Personally, I know I would certainly benefit from an improved Saxton release; I definitely did for my “Meet the Creepy Sniper” series of Gmod shots with the improved Yoko model:

http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/308/5/c/meet_the_creepy_sniper__reloaded_2__jarate_master_ by_okamitakahashi-d5k04md.jpg

And I have two shots within said series that need redoing that use both the old Yoko and Saxton models. But I doubt the latter will be released.

Have some cool Saxton Hale SFM videos:

(^ This one is the Saxxy award video. Def has my vote, and there’s been a lot of good entries.)

You meant this Saxton right? You had wrong name of video: its Computer Quest (200K Subscribers Milestone)" I really do hope that this one gonna be released someday :confused: BTW great saxxy.

Yes, thank you. I couldn’t remember if it was part of his Gmod idiot box series or not.

I wonder why just DasBoschit got the model? Is it because he’s pretty good at Gmod videos? Close ties with the modeller?

Does it say anything about the model’s origin in the credits? DasBoSchitt usually says where he gets his models from in them, go check them out (if you haven’t already) and see if they are there?

Checking that now…

The credits say the redux was done by GothicLampshade. Never heard of em. And there doesn’t seem to be a download link for said redux anywhere.

So we have TWO unreleased Hale models then- the SFM one by the original modeller, and the Gmod one improved by GothicLampshade.