High Quality Screenshots In Garry's Mod - Lots Of Words With Some Pics


The only thing that annoys me is I have to use GIMP or Photoshop or such to open a TGA file, wish MS paint could just open it.

MS paint’s JPG quality sucks

I’ve always noticed and absolutely despised jpeg quality 90. I guess TGA makes a picture way easier to edit with but when the final version is saved I don’t think the viewer will notice any difference between that and a 100 quality jpeg, or at least not like how everyone can (should) be able to see how horrible jpeg 90 looks.

If someone doesn’t see how horrible jpeg 90 looks, they need to get their eyes checked.

Are those saved in Screenshots?


Usefull stuff right there.

Great, in 700% zoomed in pictures, we can see the difference. Now I’d really like to see real size comparaison pictures, because, I might be blind but I highly doubt it, I’ve never seen any difference and still can’t. Even by knowing where to look at now.

really? i’ve seen it quite plainly. it only takes a pixel or two out of whack in the right spot.

Well, you might not see it that good when it’s unedited, but when you start editing, messing with colors, contrast. Etc. The fragments start apearing, and they multiply like bunnies.


Great tut, hopefully this will help me as I have struggled with this crap for ages!

gimp does open and edit .psd files.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll start using this!