High Quality Texture Setting isn't working???

I had made a nice spray about 6 days ao and it was one of those fading sprays that use mipmaps. While I was making it I had learned that you must have texture quality at “high quality” or “very high quality” to view the fading effect. When I finished I had tryed it out on a server and it worked fine with very high quaility selected. After the 6 days I guess. The sprays didn’t work so I tried remaking them but no use. I thought maybe it was my texture setting but it was at very high still so I tried high quality and it still didn’t work. I did notice that with High or very high in use that my textures beside my spray were pretty low-res…??? I tried uninstalling and validating and also updating my graphics card. I don’t understand why ;_; Gmod looks really bad with the low-res and its getting hard to read certain textures with words.