High Res Ubered Tf2 Characters.

[release]**What you need:**TF2, Garrysmod, a brain.
**What it is :**Erm… High res Ubered people.
Here you go:Ya fuckers.****[/release]

Hey :smiley:


All of them are done except the scout who is a pain to work with.

Nice work man. Got my download.

Sure I’ll get them.


You got a comparison shot? They are definitely more hi-res, but for me possibly not enough so that I’d download them.

The picture is a comparison shot, you can see their symbols and stuff more clearly. The soldier is done now however.

Hot damn, that looks great.


I don’t get it, their suppose to look like that?

No there’s not. This only shows the new ones.

It looks better because now you can see their symbols and the skins are sharp and stuff.

If you don’t like the way I describe my skins then don’t download them.


That’s a shot showing how you can see their symbols you can’t see the symbols on the soldier BECAUSE HE HAD A LOW RES UBERCHARGE TEXTURE.