High Resolution L4D survivors *Hexed*

Hey, another hexed thread. Yeah, yeah I decided to make this because I thought people would be interested in some high resolution survivors




Sephiris- Original creators (Original file- http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/58105 )


The missing eyes are fault of a shit computer, I promise no eyes will be missing in your files unless your comp sucks. For information on fixing eye issues please look at this thread http://www.facepunch.com/showpost.php?p=14993311&postcount=1

Find troubleshooting and read


“High resolution”? I know those are your graphics, but it looks like the characters were dipped in shit.


Oh, and was Zoey shanked or something? Looks like a knife wound…

Well the default characters are like 2048x2048 (I think) so I doubt you could really get any more detail than that.

Looks like you just added unnecessary logos, decals and recoloured some things.

I didn’t add anything to them

Well, they aren’t my idea of high resolution. The original link just has them as “High Res”. Also, I always have my game at high settings. I think paint does something to it

Read the warning, its my computers problem with

Vagina transplant onto her thigh, one’s for showin one’s for blowin’!

So instead of creating higher resolution textures, you mistook ‘high resolution’ for meaning ‘grimier and uglier’?

I just wrote it as it was requested.


That’s what the person on FPS Banana said and I think they’re okay. Despite Bill, That’s why I wanted them hexed.

They’re already really hi-res, all that’s changed is the contrast was turned up and they got sprayed with mud

They look like they’ve come from the grotty anus of a decomposing corpse.

Besides Zoey’s jeans, I see no improvment whatsoever, just another “Dirty Survivors” reskin.

Why is Zoey black?

You trying to turn her into Rochelle or somethin’?


Na, that is how the skin came out. I didn’t tamper with any of the skins, just the usual renaming for them. So, its probably how it was mde

Real is brown.

They look better ingame. And they do have some more bloodstains and some textures have been improved.

The reskins are okay/good.

Just waiting for the Coach model.

I never got people who used hi-res skins when their graphics aren’t even up all the way. Seems pretty dumb to me.

Well, turn your graphics up then.

don’t forget the bloom