High resolution Textures up for Grabs

It was sunny and Facepunch was down today, so I went out and took some pictures of the ground.

2048 x 2048 tiled ground textures.

Go and be a dear someone and make some vmts and vtfs for us please, I tried myself but they didn’t turn out right (kept showing up as just pure green in hammer).

Thumbnails of Textures below. They are not the best but they are highly detailed so nice for big terrain areas.
Ideal for just playing around with, I wouldn’t release them in a final map.

They are just for you guys. Use them if you want with whatever, not necessary to give credit to me.


Rar includes high resolution Jpeg and psd of each texture.

Link here http://www.filefront.com/16144837/joschach_textures.rar



These could come in handy.

One day, I was on the fourms, As I recall it was the mapping fourms.
I clicked on this thread and I JIZZED IN MY PANTS!

I’ll make some .vmt and .vtf for you guys.

You always gotta do everything :crying:

Hey, I don’t mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

You notice that I do everything for everyone on here as it is anyways I’m just used to it.

They don’t look like they’d tile too well

Actually they do.

Excellent :buddy:


They tile very well.

Yup, and with blend textures it will look superb.

I didn’t bother making blend textures, so you guys can do that yourself.


Still waiting on the file upload, I’ll edit this when its up.


Its up :downs:

Looks pretty awesome! Great work.

Awesome! Thanks.

Only thing it needs now are some nice bumpmaps.

I’ll make the bumpmaps myself.

Go NVidia NormalMap Plugin. :smug:

Looks very realistic from above

and realistic :smiley: