High School Dropout Deathmatch

In the beginning of the 21st Century, the economy of Valve is near a total collapse, with high rates of unemployment and students dropping out of their classes. The government approves the Battle Royale Act, where one set of dropouts are randomly selected and the students are sent to a ghost town wearing necklaces with few supplies and their fists. After three days, they have to kill each other and the survivor wins his or her own life as a prize. 42 ninth-grade dropouts are selected to participate in this survival game and abducted while traveling in their bus. Under the command of their former teacher, Gabe Newell, they have to eliminate each other following the rules of the sadistic game where only one wins. This is a documentary of the event.

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The kid nerdraging in this video sent me a PM:

Hello z0mby,

I am the person in the video “Gmod Dropout”.

Needless to say I am embarasseded, as well as humiliated. By the title ALONE.

Why did you do it? I was trying out a RP server for the FIRST time. I was new to the concept of a roleplay game in gmod. I guess that lead to my downfall.

Now when the video was uploaded, I came home from my last full day of tiring schoolwork. I came home to a bunch of RACIST and you may quote me: EXTREMELY rude remarks all over my channel. A few from your friend, Fockbox.

You stereotyped me as a “dropout”. You also harassed me to the point of losing my temper and using profanity. I have good grades, the only one in question is math, but it is still within the C to A letter grades.

I am slightly sensitive to being harassed even only just, this I understand. A whole 2 years of torture from my colleagues has trained me to not tolerate harassment at all, it is a sort of handicap which I am working on.

Why you would enter a random server and pick on a newbie is beyond me. I was intending to use this account for the purpose of uploading frags and my creations. Now since its security is compromised, I will be forced to delete it, so don’t bother with ratting me out.

I know you guys enjoy making griefing videos because that is, what you do. However, you could have blotted out my identity in the very least, or perhaps even ask for my permission.

On another note, you also blotted out your friends voice as well, preventing your audience from understanding my situation.

I am saddened that the video has been uploaded, and my future career as a video maker ruined.
Since then, I have renamed my account, and changed everything to make it stop.

I am asking you either remove the video, or at the very least blot out my identity in it.

Oh, and please don’t say: “It is my channel, I have the right to upload whatever I want.”

Well, you cannot upload the video unless you have my permission, since I am the main person filmed.

Keep in mind, I am asking “politely” for your cooperation, I am in no way including any rude comments and have not used profanity.

I thank you for reading and ask for a reply, or better yet, good news, sometime soon.

–{ESS} Professional, formerly known as WW2Knowitall.

Damn you’re mad.



i am going to come to your house fockbox

and rape you

because i love you so much


I don’t understand any of this. who are these gorons?

can someone explain? I am officially confused. :S

Gorons are rock eating creatures that live inside volcanos and trade bomb flowers.

This is amazing


What’s his YouTube name?


I love how he says “Bull shit”.

whats going on here?

If you look through the videos, you’ll see someone with the name dongosleaderkoreta or something like that responding. That’s his new youtube. He was also posting as ESSlyonidas and WW2knowitall, before he closed the accounts.

i want to make somethin like this :slight_smile:

This is why i don’t play rp in gmod…