High Shadow Detail/Dynamic Shadows

I installed GMod and all my Source games on my new XPS back in January. My lamps and flashlight worked in all games(casting dynamic shadows and whatnot) and I was able to run all games at maxed settings. After about a month, I lost the option select HIGH in the advanced options for Shadow Detail in all games, which to my understanding allows for dynamic shadows cast by flashlights and lamps. My lamps now cast some kind of weird texture which “r_projectedtexture_filter 10” doesn’t seem to fix. I’ve wiped GMod clean of addons three times and I still can’t find a solution.

System Specs:
Intel Core i5 M 560 2.67 GHz
GeForce 420M
Windows 7

Any help would be appreciated.

Depending on what DirectX version you have, set this in launch options
-dxlevel 90
-dxlevel 100
-dxlevel 110

In order its DX9, DX10, and DX11

actually its

-dxlevel 90
-dxlevel 95 (dx9 with shader model 3 support) this is the highest dx version that gmod supports
-dxlevel 100 (i don’t think Gmod supports dx10)
-dxlevel 110 (if gmod does not support dx10 it wont support dx11)

Thanks for the input, but I’ve tried the DX9 thing and it didn’t help. The advanced settings were still the same except now the option for enabling motion blur was available. If I tried changing any settings however, the game reverts back to DX8 thus disabling the ability to alter motion blur and color correction.

Nevermind about the motion blur thing. I guess the new update just put that in.

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Well you have the 420 - so assuming a laptop. Assuming it’s using optimus from nvidia. I’ve got the 540 and absolutely the same issues.

My assumption is that source is wrongly setting the available setting caps based on erronous hardware. Sadly it seems this can’t actually be disabled. Tried contacting steam support and they couldn’t really help me either.

If you run mat_configcurrent I think it will show that shadow depth texture as false. And r_flashlightdepthtexture (which is shadows on dyn lights) tends to reset back to 0.

Well that sucks. I just reinstalled GMod back onto my desktop in case there was no real fix for this. I may have access to my lamps again but that also means I have to deal with using 32 bit Vista :saddowns: