High-Speed Physics Test in G-Mod???

I was wondering what would the outcome of a High-Speed Physics Test in
G-Mod but first I wanted to see if anybody else had done something similair to this experement, so anyone dont it yet? Or, is this concept new? Comment about it so I know if I should or should not conduct the exeperement.

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How so?

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I can think of a lot of high-speed ‘experiments’ one could conduct in gmod. What specifically are you talking about?

well a high spead impact explosion test is what im primarilly talking about mostly but what other test are you thinking of?

What would you study? Gmod doesn’t have dynamic breakable props. Wouldn’t it look the same no matter what speed??

I don’t see why everyone likes physics in gmod, its not THAT good. Besides every thing the same break the same way, like crates and uh… bottles.

High speed impacts happen about 10000 times a second in gmod, so many people attaching 100 thrusters to a sofa and launching it into the sky. The object just stops when it collides.

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I remember a long while ago someone made a mod that removed the speed limit in Source, I’ll try to look for it.
But a bunch of people did experiments where they fired props at each other at supersonic and even superluminal speeds. The props would just pass right through each other because it couldn’t keep up with objects moving that fast.


Also, fun fact: The default speed limit is Appx. 113 mph (180 kph). It is impossible for a prop to move faster than this without the help of mods.


Here is the thread to the mod. I have no idea if it still works.


Or I’m a bad reader and it’s been implemented and I’m an idiot. You can use the LUA file in the thread I linked you to and remove the speed limit.
But bottom line, if two props move fast enough at each other they just sort of pass through each other and nothing really happens.

Wrong. It was raised quite a bit a while ago in the update where Garry broke advanced duplicator’s standard gmod thruster duping.

Oh really? I didn’t know that. I’ve been out of touch with Gmod for a while so I’m sorry if I’m wrong.

What is it now?

226 mph 360 kph.

With my fastest vehicle I made it to 222 mph.
Really tricky for me to hit the speed limit.

I would Study the way welded props behave and act when the prop that they are welded to are subjucated to extrem speed and they are kept in a sealed container. And the speed would be very fast or something.


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Thanks abunch,I had no idea that the Speed limit for props was(or is I’m not sure)Approximently 113 MPH thanks for the fun fact also thanks for pointing me in the right direction towards that speed mod thanks again. =D

Read the thread again, I was actually wrong on both accounts.