High Voltage Gaming Sleepers/PVP/Active Admins/No Abuse

Hello everyone thank you for looking into my post tell you a little about us we are a gaming community. We are trying to fill our server and keep it hacker free!! We do not use our admin powers at all unless there is a reason to. We do not spawn items and we do not spawn airdrops. We want to enjoy the game for what it is and have good battles win or lose. We have a Team Speak all Players are welcome. We also have a web site http://highvoltagegaming.com/. Hope to see some players teaming up building their bases and if want a war then come at us BRO :). Feel free to join us. net.connect (in console f1) Chicago Server.

Thank You,
High Voltage Gaming

I’m HighVoltage and I like gaming

Well come play we will not cause trouble until trouble is caused and we need to get this 300 slot server going!!!

Unfortunately i don’t own Rust nor do I have the time to play it currently.

This server is great! The people are friendly and willing to help out fresh spawns. Definitely recommend this server