high walls, blueprints, n feedback

Just my two cents. Been playing on and off for most of the alpha of new Rust.

Wot I like:

  • New blueprint system, maybe with a lil more balancing, superb success over old one
  • Performance moving rapidly in the right direction
  • Atmosphere and beauty of the game just keeps improving, I love a dark stormy rainy night, hope you’ll add lightning soon!
  • Not remotely missing radiation
  • Helicopter adds really interesting dynamic
  • Stashes great idea

Wot I doesn’t like and suggestions:

  • Bullet speed. Speed increase has made it too easy to hit people leading to shorter, less interesting engagements, imo. I remember Garry’s comment that shooting the helicopter showed how slow bullets were, but it perhaps wasn’t that unrealistic over such a range. Slower bullets do mean it requires more anticipation/skill and there is greater uncertainty, which makes things more interesting/skill based.
  • External walls and raiding. They’re making raiding rather dull in combo with the nerf of ladders, and base design relatively uninspiring, and they get used in PvP to fill the role “barricades” used to which litters the landscape in pointless structures. They need to be nerfed, or at least scalable in some fashion. Boosting (great feature) has become such a key thing even when there is a vulnerability, which completely cuts out solo play. Features such as having walls the wrong way introduce elements of uncertainty in base defence - well practiced builders should be able to build very-difficult-to-raid structures, but there should be all sorts of gotchas potentially leaving vulnerabilities. More things that introduce uncertainty and variation in that way would be good, the less deterministic it is to make a solid base the better, and should require effort and attention to maintain, so more complex forms of deterioration etc
  • Players who sit on rooftops at airstrips/rad towns picking off nakeds. Yawn. Maybe this suggests a need to alter the distribution of barrels again - there should be some distributed all over the place. These hotspots can be fun and should remain to some extent, but for new players it just means a hellhole grind of getting picked off and respawning to get bps, which has replaced the even more hellish grind of dying to radiation. There is little point building in the middle of nowhere now. It seems to me for a brand new player to Rust, its not a very… inviting prospect… as things stand. Let them prosper to some extent in less populated areas of the map.
  • Running. It can get a bit dull either running after somebody, or away from somebody, or just running anywhere over a long distance. You both move at identical speed so a straight-line chase can just go on and on. It would be nice if there were some way a little bit more uncertainty could be introduced, and that by anticipating the terrain, giving skilful inputs, it could give you a slight speed edge (or disadvantage by not doing so). Perhaps running through a bush should slow you a tiny bit for example. Alternatively, wearing full armour/particular items should slow you down a bit.

I agree with most of this. I’m surprised to see HEWs listed as a negative for solo players though. As a solo player on a few servers myself, I absolutely love them now that they are ladder proof. Yes, they do make it hard for me to break into a compound. But honestly, that’s not something solo players do much of.

There needs to be a good way to secure quarries and, prior to the HEW ladder change, the only way I could do this was by building actual foundations and walls around them. This was hard as hell, required shit tons of maintenance and still was not very secure. The way they are now allows me to decently protect a standalone quarry, which is awesome.

Honestly I’ve found high external walls to be a bitch to maintain solo. I just go with building foundations and having doors to stop them decaying, saves so much time and resources not having to repair them. With two walls and armoured doors it still takes 4 c4 just to get in the compound.

As for bullet speed, not seen much since the change but I prefer faster bullets, I always thought they were a bit slow before when you could see them travelling and bouncing about to the point you could work out where it would bounce to before it even ricocheted.