Higher-Poly Spheres

I know that this may seem to be an odd request but it is a relatively simple one:

All I am asking for are some high-polygon spheres that would roll around with relative ease, for a contraption that I’m working on. I know there are PHX spheres already, but those are way too ‘rough’ so to speak for what I’m working on. There is a sphere that would have sufficed(models/props_phx/ball.mdl), but that prop has the annoying tendency to explode for no reason whatsoever(It behaves like red barrels, exploding if hit by gunfire).

I’ve checked on Garrysmod.org for what I’ve been wanting, but so far no luck. If there is anyone that could model something like this, or if there is a model pack that has some various sized spheres already, I would appreciate it.