Higher Visibility Pistol Ironsights

These are reskins my friend requested. The iron sights significantly increase your chances of spotting your target, and add more realism to the appearance of the weapon.


Below is the link to down the file

This will work with that ironsight mod I had long ago

[sp]If I can find it[/sp]

I really can’t tell the difference

Uh, no? Not at all? :confused:

This is actually pretty bad… All you did was skin white dots onto the iron sights.

These kinds of iron sights are for low light situations to provide a color contrast between front and rear sights. I would suggest at least skinning them separate colors for front and rear sights.

So you slapped on a few unaligned white spots?

Yes. A few unaligned white spots that are completely useless in the context of Garry’s mod.

Uh, no?

Jesus CHRIST. They’re used so that you can see where the damn sights are in the dark, and generally use tritium (radioactive, also used to illuminate rifle scope reticles, watchfaces, etc.) so they generate a visible glow. They are generally NOT different colours, the only contrast is between the actual illuminated points and the general darkness encountered at night.

They’re there so you can still use the sights in the dark, nothing else.


If he’d made them actually glow, these reskins might be useful, but since they’re just plain white any idiot could do this in five minutes

No they’d still be useless in the context of garry’s mod.

Get off my dick please, people often simply buy a set of glow in the dark stickers or paints to do their front sights, not everyone gets tritium sights ok?

They’re white crosshairs. That is all, so not worth the download.